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Pest Services for businesses

Service Level Agreements

A pest control service level agreement is a more proactive approach to pest control than just reacting when problems are found. 

Pest Control service level contracts are normally pest specific like rats, mice, insects including Fly Killer Units. 

Routine Inspections

Routine Inspections:  The frequency of these visits will range from between 6-12 visits per year. As standard, we make eight (8) routine inspection visits per annum, which in practice means a visit every 6 weeks. A specified number of free call outs will be included. 

Yearly Pest Contracts

Pest contracts are normally run over the period of 1 year with the option to roll over if required. 

Pest contracts are usually invoiced on a quarter basis. 

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Our friendly, trusted pest control exterminators in West Kent & East Sussex are ready to implement a treatment plan made specifically for your needs.

  • An initial, comprehensive inspection of your business. During this inspection, our team will identify the pest problem, locate the source, and create a custom plan to get rid of bugs or other pests in and around your premise.

  • Our goal is to offer the most effective pest control in West Kent & East Sussex. Our treatments work so well that your premise will require fewer treatments. 

  • Treatment of your homes’ cracks and crevices. During our inspection, our team will identify where and how pests are getting in. Our targeted treatments to these areas make sure to put a stop to pests getting into your home. 

  • Education on prevention. Since our goal is to keep pests out of your home for good, we believe it is our responsibility to teach the homeowner tricks and tips to help prevent pests from entering the home. 

  • Follow-up inspections. With each treatment, we conduct a pest inspection to ensure no new pests have become active in or around your home.

  • A JLM pest control service folder will be left at your detailing all the information your business requires such as routine visit reports, contract specification, insurance and professional accreditations. 

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Pest Control Business Services. The right choice for commercial pest control.

We offer bespoke and tailored pest services to multiple sectors.

We develop tailored solutions for clients to provide the right pest management services

We carry out pest bird proofing and rodent proofing.

Contact us today to discuss how we can protect your business from pests.

The Best in Local Pest Control 

We don't want you to deal with pests for longer than you need to.

Same Day Service

We will take care of your pest problem as soon as we can! Call before noon for same day service.

We're Super Professional

We are friendly, highly trained, and will treat you and your home with the utmost respect!

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