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JLM Pest Control Tunbridge Wells are a local family run business covering Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding areas. We provide high-quality pest control solutions in a timely, efficient manner. If you're looking for quality pest control nearby, look no further. JLM Pest Control is here to ensure your pest problems are solved, and new ones are prevented in the future. 
The vision of JLM Pest Control, is to provide peace of mind to our community by protecting and preserving health and property to keep you pest free.  
We are pest control trained to RSPH Level 2, DBS approved and insured to 5 million.

Tunbridge Wells Pest Control

Tunbridge Wells Pest Control
Dead cockroach on floor with caution sig

JLM Pest Control are a local family run business based in Tunbridge Wells providing professional pest control services to both your homes and commercial premises.

We can help to eradicate and eliminate unwanted pests infesting your property.

We are professionally trained and certified, with a wealth of experience and expertise, you can sleep well each night knowing that your family, your home, and your business are protected.   

JLM Pest Control Tunbridge Wells
  • Professional and certified pest control solutions for all types of pests.

  • Pest specific service programs. 

  • Complete commercial and residential pest control services. 

  • Fast, effective, friendly, and affordable pest control services.

  • Free Pest Surveys.

  • Humane Pest Control and Non Toxic methods. 

  • Rodent proofing services. 

  • Pest Control advice and best practice. 

Pest Control Tunbridge Wells
Pest Control direction sign with a beaut

JLM Pest Control are service are your local "Go-To" pest control service covering Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks, Tonbridge and the surrounding areas. 

JLM Pest Control strengths are our pest control knowledge, pest expertise, customer experience and understanding of the pest control world in general.

JLM Pest Control go "that bit further" than the rest, leaving no stone unturned in finding and resolving your unwanted pests!


Pest Control Tunbridge Wells

JLM Pest Control have a strong track record of successfully looking after the people of West Kent and East Sussex when they come face to face with pests themselves. Not only that, we often help our customers comply with the districts environmental health requirements, with free help and advice where needed.

What we Offer Our Customers in Tunbridge Wells

JLM Pest Control offer free no obligation pest control quote on the day.

Free pest control surveys.

Fast effective treatment. We exterminate pests quickly, safely and where possible, humanely.

Value for money. We are small and local, and generally cheaper than large national companies.

Personal service. We thrive on providing total customer satisfaction.       

Places We Protect


JLM Pest Control provide pest control services to Residential, Schools, Universities, Warehouses, Hospitals, Supermarkets, Factories, Care Homes, Hotels


Rat Control Tunbridge Wells
Brown rat (Rattus norvegicus) looking at

Rats are certainly on the increase. Rat infestation call outs are up by 50% over the last 2 years. Rats have now become "humanized" and simply use our surroundings to find an easy food source in which to survive. Rats learn to live with us!

JLM Pest Control have years of experience in dealing with rats and mice. These rodents are dangerous vermin that you shouldn’t tolerate for a single moment in your home or business. The spread of disease and damage is very real.

Thankfully, there are many pest management and control techniques available on the market today. We provide tailored pest control programs to eliminate and eradicate any rodents.

Insect Control Tunbridge Wells
London&Orbital_bed bug or flea.jpg

JLM Pest Control treat all kinds of insects and creepy crawlies. Treatments vary for each species of insect, we provide an effective range of treatments that will remedy your pest problem. Insects can cause irritation by biting humans and animals causing itching and frustration. They can also be unsightly and make your home or premises feel uncomfortable.

Typical insect pests in your properties will be Bed Bugs, Fleas, Flies, Clothes Moth, Food Moths all being  common insect pests. 

Pest Control Bird Proofing
London&Orbital_feral pigeon.jpg

Pigeons can carry disease such as Salmonellosis; Ornithosis bacteria in faeces can pose a serious health risk if not treated properly. Droppings are corrosive to masonry and paintwork and can cause structural damage to buildings and vehicles over time. Nesting materials can block guttering and down pipes causing water damage to property. 

Typical types of pest bird proofing methods are anti pigeon netting and anti bird spikes. 

Tunbridge Wells Rodent Proofing
Brown rat (Rattus norvegicus) looking at

Rats and mice can enter your properties via gaps and holes in the fabric of your brickwork. Once in, they then find there way into the wall cavities, follow pipe runs, electrical cables, lofts and pop up as a surprise visitor in your kitchen. 

Its all too easy for pest controllers to carry out pest programs to eliminate rodents, but its also vitally important to try and find any entry points which rats and mice are using. 

Simple proofing measures can be rodent mesh over air bricks to wire mesh and expanding foam to close pipe holes in the walls.  

Pest Control Squirrels
A grey squirrel perched on a fence with bird seeds..jpg

Grey Squirrels are not indigenous to the UK and have ended up a serious pest problem if you are unlucky enough to enter your property. The damage that they can cause by gnawing away at your timber beams is something that we have seen at JLM Pest Control many times over. 

Not only that, Grey Squirrels, through no fault of there own, spread diseases to our native Red Squirrel, decimating the population into small localised pockets around the UK.

Pest Prevention Advice
London&Orbital_feral pigeon.jpg

JLM Pest Control are also here to provide sound advice to our clients pre and post treatment. There can be many reasons why you have rodents or insects, so we will advise you of what you can do to prevent future pest infestations. 

Prevention is better than cure! 

Pests Have No Barriers!

Commercial Pest Control
Image by Eduardo Soares

JLM Pest Control understand that pest issues in commercial settings are often more significant than those in residential settings. Commercial properties tend to be larger, and the potential for a large-scale infestation is more significant. Because of this, you want to work with a commercial pest control company that has the bandwidth and skill to tackle any pest problem, regardless of size. JLM Pest Control is just such a company.

Do you see the signs of a pest infestation at your commercial property? Don't let the pest infestation get out of control. The sooner you call in an industrial pest exterminator, like ours at JLM Pest Control, the better. 

Fumigation False Widow Pest Control
Noble false widow spider on a web. Taken at Night..jpg

False Widow Spiders are very common, in fact, so common that we come across them nearly every day. Are these beautiful spiders as bad as the media makes them out to be? Absolutely not! Its true, they can provide a nasty bite (the female anyway), but unless provoked, False Widow Spiders are harmless. 

However, there may come a time where insecticide sprays or fumigation in your house or commercial premise might be required. 

JLM Pest Control can carry out controlled insecticide spraying programs or Ultra Low Volume fumigation inside commercial premises. 

JLM Pest Control Pest List
London&Orbital_feral pigeon.jpg

Rat Control Programs

Field Mice Programs

House Mice Programs

Flea Programs

Biting Insect Programs

Wasp Treatments

Hornet Treatments

Woodworm Treatments

Clothes Moth Programs

Food Insect Programs

Bed Bug Programs 

Feral Pigeon Proofing & Netting

False Widow Fumigation

Cockroach Programs

Ultra Low Volume Fumigation

Rodent Proofing

Fly Programs

All works are tailored to pest specific programs. 

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