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New website!

Pleased to announce my new website. As I carry out my job, I aim to post some interesting things from everything that has to do with JLM Pest Control and the Pest Control Industry as a whole!

Wasps are still with us. Last year I treated a wasp nest late in November. If the weather stays warm over, they stick around a lot longer. The female wasp will split from the nests September and October and will over winter in a golf ball size nest in your loft or tree trunk. Those workers have nothing to do other than be a nuisance as they are dying off.

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Lance Moeller
Lance Moeller
Sep 23, 2020

Feral Pigeons seem to be the pest of the day. Pigeon poo can carry so many diseased pathogens and associated insect pests. When accumulating on surfaces, we treat it like mild toxic waste. Not nice!

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