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Rats and Drains

JLM Pest Control deal with many rat issues in houses and businesses. But unsurprisingly, most are caused by defective sewers and drainage. Rats love a drain! We have lost count how many rat infestations I have dealt with and found that most are related to defective sewers and drainage. In reality things aren’t quite that bad. It’s been said that there are around 10 million rats in the UK, I personally think that its a lot more! Many are in the rural areas, but a large proportion are in our towns and cities like Tunbridge Wells, Sevenoaks and Tonbridge.
If you suspect rats in your drain pipes you will want to deal with them immediately. If you know anything about rodents, you know that they multiply. Rat infestations come on quickly, so the longer you wait, the worse it will be. Some of the signs that rats have invaded your drainage system are blocked piping, consistent creaking noises coming from your pipes and water flowing slower than usual. Though these signs are common with other problems in your drains, they are worth investigating. Checking your pipes for cracks, bends or anything out of shape is a starting point to see where the rats may be getting in. Looking around stonework and gutters that are close to drain pipes is another area to investigate. Listen for scraping sounds or what sounds like something running in your piping. If you still can’t assess an access point then you will want to call for an inspection. Doing this will give you an idea of what problems you are facing and an exact idea of what may be happening underneath your home.

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Man unblocking domestic sewage drain through open inspection chamber, drain cleaning compa

Wasp Treatment Program

Wasp nest removal is carried out by a technician who treats the nest with a contact insecticide dust which is applied directly into the nest or at its entry point. Typical time to kill off the nest is usually within 24 hours. We use fully protected bee suit so that we treat the nest without any immediate danger of being stung. Safety is a big priority for our customers and technicians. There may also be several different nests in and around your property, so we’ll provide a thorough inspection to make sure there aren’t existing nests present on your property that need removal.

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Wasp Nest Arrival Times


JLM Pest Control we offer a complete wasp control solution.

We are qualified technicians have the expertise to identify the specific species.

All technicians have special protective gear to keep safe during treatment.

All treatments are customised to ensure effective control of the wasp nest, based on its location.

You will first start seeing your Wasp nests around the beginning of June will almost certainly require professional treatment due to the high risk of wasp stings. Wasp nests already at this time are in their thousands.  

We offer expert advice to help prevent another problem in the future.

DIY Wasp Treatments

There are countless articles online, such as videos on YouTube advertising DIY methods to treating your own wasp nests. Wasps are extremely aggressive who require little to no aggravation to attack, so trying to remove a wasp nest yourself can cost you both financially and physically. Beware! 

Always contact a pest control professional. It may seem like an easy job, but a pest control technician is professionally trained to handle and remove wasp nests in a safe and efficient manner. If its not you they come after, it might be your neighbours, children, or pets!

Wasp nest in garage
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